International Gypsy songs, Gypsy jazz, musical theater, and own compositions


                                                 INTERNATIONAL GYPSY MUSIC                           



                               PAULA FERRON: vocals and dance

                                ROGER MORENO: akkordion, violin, percussions and vocals

                                TSJAWO ADELL: lead-guitar and mandolin 

                                MORO ADELL: rhythm-guitar

                                JANUSCH HALLEMA: double-bass and vocals 

TABOR - a 5-person's Sinti-group - has a special preference for the international traditional Gypsy songs. That roots-music, which is sung and played since centuries at their home around the campfire. Sometimes hot and fierily, with a lot of drive, and sung by several voices. But sometimes also with sad melancholy. Songs from the daily life. In addition their program lately quite often supplements own compositions in the language of the Sinti  (Romanes). A witness of it is their last CD 'Teli lichta". 

However, the group plays also with big joy the songs from the so-called "Gypsy-jazz"- or "Sinti-Swing"- repertoire in the spirit of the legendary guitarist Django Reinahrdt with hiss "Quintet de Hotclub de France", and - in addition - traditional and also more modern jazz standards. 
With innumerable appearances on festivals, in TV- and radio-programs, in films, theatres and concert-halls this group established its name inside the world of Gypsy music all over Europe.
However, TABOR is not only a usual Gypsyband. Beside their regular theatre- and concert-programs this group is active very often also in the social, cultural and educative range. With special school- and theater-projects they constantly try to make conscious the majority society of the facts, that the Sinti and Roma connect a long history with Europe since centuries. That also the Sinti and Roma were excessively victims of the Nazi-terror during the Second World-War. And that the situation of the Sinti and Roma in today's Europe - gentle said - still is very oppressing. (see also the button "Projects")
Beside all, this group with its versatile repertoire is an attraction for each festival. 
TABOR; a group that takes you back to your dreams and desire to be really free.